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Frequently Asked Questions


Only private individuals can book a photo session. The photo files are for private use and not for commercial purposes.

With the exception: Breeders with a planned litter of puppies, please contact us in time. If the calendar allows, we can schedule another photo session to photograph the puppies. Prices for puppy nest assignments are different than those stated here on the website.  


2. are the photo sessions taken outside or in a studio?

All our photo sessions are taken in outdoor locations with natural light. The photo sessions take place in the early morning because of the beautiful diffused light and the least distraction for the dogs. For the kids usually at sunset so we can take advantage of the 'golden hour'  


3.  How do I get a price offer for my photo session?

Send an email via the contact page on the website for a free quote.

Also state the number of dogs involved, as well as breed/mix and age and/or possibly the number of children. Please send a counter message, even if you do not want to book a photo session.

4.  How can I book a photo session?

After receiving the price offer, send me a confirmation email with the preference of your photo package and a short character description of your dog(s). We look at the agenda together and set a date that suits both of us.


5.  Is there a waiting time for booking a photo session?

Most of the time….   And it can take up to several weeks. The earliest possible timing to schedule a photo session will be provided when the price quote is sent. Occasionally, data will be released, but this is not guaranteed.


6.  How does the payment work?

Payment must be made by bank transfer, no later than 5 days before the photo session, to account number IBAN BE37 7350 0000 4028, stating the date of the photo session and the name of your dog/child. Any repeat orders can be paid afterwards by bank transfer.


7.  What if it rains on the day of the planned photo shoot?

We will keep in touch the evening before the photo session regarding the weather and the time of the appointment. If it rains on the day the photo session is scheduled, we will unfortunately have to reschedule. This happens in mutual consultation and we set a new date that suits both of us.


8.  What if my dog cannot get off the leash?

For runaways or for the peace of mind of the owners, we always have a 10 meter line with us. We then carefully remove these with an image editing program, so that you will no longer notice it.


9.  Is a photo session with several dogs also possible?

Yes. Please state with the application how many dogs it concerns, breed, age and a short character description. Only dogs from the same owner. No combined photo sessions of pets of family, friends, etc.. These are considered a separate booking. 

10.  Can I also bring my 2nd dog / CHILD who does not have to be photographed during this photo session?

No… to avoid the least distraction, we recommend leaving other pets or siblings at home.


11.  How and when can I expect the results of the photo session?

1 week after the photo session, you will receive a link and a password from me where you can view a selection of the unfinished photo files. These files only serve to make a choice for post-processing and are not released under any circumstances.  I try to deliver finished files within a period of 4 weeks, but this period is not binding.


12.  What is the difference between low resolution files and high resolution files?

Low resolution files contain a visible logo. These files are for social media use only (Copyright law). The low resolution makes these files very low quality and unsuitable for printing in any form.

High resolution files do NOT contain a logo and are for private use only. You should use these files for repeat orders of photo posters, canvases, photo prints, mouse pads, dibond, photo on acrylic…etc….  


13.  Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions are at the bottom of the webpage or you can also view them here



14.  Are gift vouchers available?

Gift vouchers are available for:

an amount of your choice. Here the recipient adds the remaining amount of the photo session of his choice.

Gift vouchers must be requested in good time: at least 2 weeks before the voucher is handed over to the recipient.

Last minute requests for a gift voucher are kindly rejected.

Gift vouchers are in name and are not transferable to third parties and they cannot be exchanged for money.  



15.  Can I pick up a gift voucher?

No, gift vouchers must be requested in time and will be sent by post after receipt of the amount on the account.



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