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labradoodle puppy by



Puppies...... winter, spring, summer or autumn....

they always bring out our most tender and sincere feelings!

Why not have that most beautiful period captured now? Before you know it, your sweetest puppy's first year will have flown by!

What could be better than an album that summarizes this first year or a beautiful photo on the wall that keeps you dreaming of those first puppy months!

Why?....because they are well worth it!


puppy by


3 mini-photosessions in their first year

​1st photosession at the age between 8 and 15 weeks

2nd  photosession at the age of 6 months

3rd photosession at the age of 1 year


  • 3 digital files for sociale media, cellphone use... for each mini-session

  • 10 digital files in total: the 10th file free to choose 

  • +20€/extra dog from the same household 

  • including  images together with the owner(s)

  • included 1 personalised photoalbum with a value of 99€

    • OR  spend 99€ on another product from the à la carte menu


as from 399€


Tangible memories

Dogs are part of the family and it is impossible to imagine our lives without them. They give us so much love and friendship in exchange for a soft bed and a warm hug. That's why I'm convinced that every dog deserves at least 1 great portrait to hang in the living room.

In this era where people take pictures more than ever with their smartphones, they forget about the tangible aspect and the digital ones disappear among the other tens of thousands of images on the web or stored on a disk.


That's why I specialize in making tangible memories and provide breathtaking works of art of your faithful friend that you can cherish forever...

What would you like to do with your photos?

We want to cherish some memories, and the best way is to make them 'tangible'.

Tangible memories are those beautiful, timeless pictures on the wall,that beautiful silky smooth album that can make you dream away at any time of the day.

It's that eye-catcher in the living room that you get compliments on time and time again and that secretly makes you proud of your beloved four-legged friend. 

Tangible.... tangible....memories that can undoubtedly be of great support later on....


It is my job to guide you and discover the options that meet your needs. I have an attractive offer with discounts and the best thing about it is that you ONLY BUY WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

This option is completely optional. Be sure to ask to view the products and go over the prices.

Product pricing 

  • albums as from 99€

  • Print box wood as from 150€

  • Print box in fabric, suede or leather look as from 149€

  • Wall Art as from 225€

  • Acrylic on MDF as from 129€

  • Woodblock as from 135€

  • Triptych as from 75€

  • High resolution files for private use as from 300€


Please feel free to contact me using the form below

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